Hi, I am Julie, and I am a chocoholic….Yes, me and chocolate have had a whirlwind affair for many years now and it never seems to wane. I am a chocoholic….

Easter is a time to celebrate, to go to church and then come home and either steal your grandchildren’s chocolate or buy your own Cadbury eggs you can stuff your face with.

There are many holidays that I give myself a bit of a pass to eat more. I mean, hello, we all need to live a little, right? However, for me this kinda gives me license to eat like that the next day, too.

Oh, and maybe just a little more cookies to finish them up on day 3. Then on day 4, I go through a mini-withdrawal, and the hubby asks “wanna go out for dinner? We deserve it after dealing with all the stress over the holiday…”

I have kept off my weight, but sometimes it can be hard. Like, super hard.

I live by these rules, mainly because they now represent freedom. I still fall off the wagon, I still have absolutely NO willpower and I still have days that all I want to do is eat my face off.

Mostly, I am not hungry, mostly this is when things aren’t going great for me in my life, or I have a lot of stress and its easy to turn to something that feels good. Shoving chocolate in my face feels good.

So, I created something for me that will get me back on the wagon and that I try to live by when I fall into cake…

Drink a liter of water in the morning. The morning after falling off the wagon, I drink a liter of water. I absolutely hate water, but I do it, so that I don’t waste my water consumption. Sounds goofy, but water is the bane of my existence and I think my DNA has some camel in it—don’t ask me how it got there, because who knows what my ancestors are capable of…thats for another blog altogether. Suffice it to say that once I drink a liter first thing in the morning, I feel compelled to drink it throughout the day and not mess up. If I don’t do this, I have a pass. “Oh, I was good food-wise, but I didn’t get my water in, so I suck. Wow, that Corner Bakery baby bunt cake sounds good…maybe I will just get one and share it with my diabetic husband… Game over.

Get out! I pack up my computer and try to stay out of the house. When I am alone at my house, I can get side tracked and eat way too much in front of the boob tube. Going out someplace where there is wifi and I can do work is a wayyyyy better idea. I always find somewhere that I can grab a drink, but I don’t feel compelled to eat like I would in front of my TV watching Housewives of Beverly Hills. Unless its Corner Bakery and I have a bunt cake staring at me

Watching/Reading about personal development. I would meditate, but I just cant stop my mind from racing, which makes me frustrated. So, for me, I watch videos on personal development. Different ones that say probably the same thing. I find it comforting that after I fail, it doesn’t have to define me. I am a person who is all or nothing, and finding that life is about progress and not perfection is something I have to remind myself of almost every day.

Help another person with their problems. It doesn’t matter what it is. Just be there for them, help them through a tough time and listen to them. This puts your issues into perspective. When I talk to someone that has just lost a loved one or has a child that is special needs and they are going through a rough time, then my 3 day chocolate fest seems like a walk in the park. Helping others always makes you feel good, helps the other person and is basically a win-win to all involved.

Write goals down. I know, I say this one all the time, but remind yourself what goals you have and when you want to do them by. It may be a physical goal, or it may be a non-physical goal. It doesn’t matter. Write down how you feel when you meet a goal, journal, write a list—whatever floats your boat. There is something to be said about a thought going from your head to your hand and physically writing something down. It almost solidifies things in my mind.

Exercise. It doesn’t have to be much, just something that gets you moving. Something that will get your blood flowing. After I exercise, I feel better about myself. I don’t feel like eating a ton afterward, because I don’t want to ruin my progress. I do stuff that feels good, though. I don’t go so hard I feel crappy. A lot of the time I will do yoga poses that make me feel accomplished and grounded.


I think food and comfort are the cats meow, but when you overeat day after day, you risk either gaining weight back or feeling absolutely horrible. Unfortunately, in our society, we eat through every holiday and birthday and it’s a normal thing.

In fact, I am sure if you didn’t imbibe in cake at a birthday, people think your super weird, but if you eat 3 pieces, it’s no big deal….

Eating too much can make you feel like a loser, like a failure and physically make you feel bad. However, it is just another day, just another snapshot in time that can be changed.

You don’t have to be stuck in cake hell with something you love and hate at the same time. Remember, it’s progress, not perfection that gets you to your goals!