All you need is the scale when you are losing weight, right? I know thats all I focused on when I was losing weight. I was so damn focused on it, that when it went up, my day was crappy and when it went down, I felt like a rock star.

But the scale doesn’t tell you the whole story…Not by a long shot. I was a prisoner to the scale and lemme tell you, it sucked. Let me tell you how I stopped and what things you can concentrate on that will still give you information about your health.

I am not immune to this whole scale thing, even years later. I did branch out to body fat testing, and then that became the all important number that I relied of for my happiness with my body.

However, I found out that I have it all wrong. I pretty much thought I had this thing all figured out and that since I lost my weight I was a 5 star player….Yeah, not so much.

So, I am going to tell you why you need more information, and how you can actually apply this in your life. Numbers are awesome, but unless they can be useful, they are just that—numbers.

My resistant self went to a place called BodymetRx, here in my town, Redlands, California. I was basically going there so that I could write a technical piece (or at least technical for me, which is always peppered with some inappropriate content) there and I wasn’t expecting those numbers to be really impactful for me…

So lets talk about what they do there. They do body fat, 3D Scanning, Resting Metabolic Rate, and VO2 Max. Each test tells you something that is beneficial for your body.

Lets start with body fat analysis:

At BodymetRx, they have a very sophisticated bio-impedance body fat machine that measures how much or how little body fat you have in your body. This is helpful to know along with the weight so that you realize that weight isn’t the best indicator of fat loss. You see, you can have a lower body fat and still be outside your “weight range” for someone in the norm. Its much more accurate than just weighing yourself It can guide you a bit better on building muscle and losing fat than any scale can. It takes like 2 minutes once all of your information is input and you have followed all guidelines needed (ie don’t eat right before etc). Bio-Impedance works like this-there are two conductors attached to a persons body and a small electric current is sent through the body. Don’t worry, you don’t feel it…The resistance between conductors will calculate the resistance between fat, muscle and bone. By the way, fat is a poor conductor while muscle is a good conductor.

Resting Metabolic Rate:

This test is done to see how many calories your body burns all day just to stay alive. Like how many calories digestion takes, or how much energy it takes to breathe, geez, even blinking your eyes takes some energy… This test gives you a lot of info. For me, my range was 1382 to 1520 cals, which is way more than it used to be. What that means is, I can eat anywhere from 1382 to 1520 cals to keep my weight the same even when I am doing nothing. Like just resting on the couch watching the Housewives of the OC. Although, this doesn’t take into account my love of cake….This test was a bit longer, and you have to breathe into a tube and have your nose plugged. The plus side is that they had a cushy chair for me to sit in that was heated and gave me a massage for 17 minutes. If you want to know how it works, here is the dealio….Resting metabolic rate measures the expired air (with the humidity and temperature accounted for) as there is an indirect correlation between the amount of oxygen consumed (208.06 milliliters) to 1 Kilocalorie burned—don’t be wowed by my use of technical terms and sentence structure, I got it directly from the Korr web site, which is the company that makes the medical-grade machines that BodymetRx uses…

3D Body Scan

A body scan is basically for accurate measurements. Its pretty cool, they put you on a turntable and this infrared light measures certain body parts. The waist-to-hip ratio shows if you have certain health risks like diabetes, kidney disease or digestive diseases. The print out shows your “claymation” look which, by the way, isn’t very attractive. I wanted my claymation pics to look like Giselle, but instead I got the claymation look of Betty White. So not cool. Women with waist–hip ratios of more than 0.8, and men with more than 1.0, are at increased health risk because of their fat distribution. I have been that “apple” all my life and was excited to see that my Waist-to-hip Ratio was now 0.75—low risk.

VO2 Max

This is done to measure how many calories you burn during exercise. You wear a space mask (not really-you have a mask that measures expired air) which is hooked up to a machine which tells you your heart rate and denotes oxygen consumption as it crosses its threshold of aerobic and anaerobic intensity. This basically tells you how many calories you burn during exercise and what percentage of carbs you burn with each incremental heart rate. It is considered the best indicator for cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance. I was so excited to know that I am whats called a “fat burner.” So, basically at a heart rate of 150, I only burn 13% fat, and 87% carbs. However, when I am at a heart rate of 90, I burn 60% fat and 40% carbs—so at this heart rate I burn MORE fat than at a higher heart rate. I honestly thought that the VO2 Max was only for elite athletes, but I was totally and completely wrong. This helps to guide my workouts now, and I know I don’t have to do cardio all day. The data speaks for itself.


These tests were an eye-opener. I do believe that everyone can benefit from testing as it can guide their training and diet appropriately.

I also failed to mention above that BodymetRx has nutritionists on staff that can help you with nutritional counseling.

I know that I will definitely be back here to see if my numbers can improve and if I can make more muscle and increase my resting metabolic rate. Because who doesn’t want to eat more?

I love that all of their equipment is medical-grade and that the staff and owner are so educated about this. They have such a passion for their work, and spent so much time with me going over the numbers and making sure I understood them and how it relates to me—I was freaking impressed.

If you want to find out more about testing and BodyMetrx, go to their web site, It’s amazing what you can learn about yourself and how to improve upon what you already have!