It’s all easy for me to say, “If you want to lose weight, just do it.” How many have you have heard that before and said to yourself, “If I could have ‘just did it’ I would have!”

I feel you. Some of you may be totally overwhelmed with the prospect of losing weight. I know it freaked me the hell out. Some of you may feel like you are wavering between wanting to lose weight and wanting to eat cake. Oh, how I get this, too.

So, I have previously talked about what I did to lose weight in my blog post “10 ways to lose weight and keep it off for good” but lets talk about other things you can do to help you along your journey.

If you all have been reading my stuff for any length of time, you know that I think motivation as a bunch of crap.

Yes,. Crap.

Motivation means you have to feel “motivated” every second of your weight loss journey. Well, just to keep it real, you may feel pretty crappy on your journey. You may go kicking and screaming on your weight loss quest. You may veer off the beaten path.

This is reality.

You may have weight loss gurus tell you differently. Have some will-power, they say in their books and podcasts. Just do it. Get motivated. Um, last I checked, most of those so-called gurus haven’t lost but 10 pounds at the most.

Well, I have lost 160 pounds. I know how hard it is to look at how much you have to lose and feel totally and completely overwhelmed. It is disheartening to say the least. You feel like a failure, and feel like it will never happen for you.

I can tell you, it is possible. I have kept my weight off for over 8 years now.

Most of you know that I lost weight in a contest. For money. I didn’t have any lofty ideas of keeping it off. In fact, the money I was trying to win was going to go toward buffet hopping in Vegas.

Thats how uncommitted I was to this weight loss thing.

I had tried everything under the sun and was under no illusion that I was going to lose weight and keep it off—I mean, I was 40, fat and had tried everything.

I was totally over it.

However, I did know one thing. I wanted to win money. I also knew that I was super fat, so I could lose weight faster than most. I took total advantage of that, too.

Fast forward, I lost it all, left my nursing job and started my own personal training business.

Thats the super short version.

But what worked for me may not float your boat. You may not be greedy like I am or feel the same way I did about buffet hopping in Vegas. So, here are some things that may resonate with you.

Note that these are all non-surgical. We will be talking about surgery at a later date, but this is all the stuff you can do that doesn’t require surgical intervention.

Biofeedback. This is a technique that trains you to actually listen to your body. This can be done by a therapist or MD that hooks you up to a machine. This machine takes your heart rate and other vital signs while you are responding to a stimulus. Ok, everyone knows that my stimulus would totally be cake. I know that my salivary glands go crazy when I see cake, kinda like Pavlov’s dog when he heard a bell. You have physical signs of things that we anticipate. Once you recognize a trigger (maybe you eat cake when your depressed or watching TV) then you learn how to respond to that trigger. Biofeedback can be used in pain management and other disease processes to control certain aspects of our body. Clients are usually taught how to respond to these triggers and how to use relaxation techniques and habit change. This isn’t magic. It doesn’t make you lose weight. It does, however make you aware of your body, your triggers and give you some ways to combat your impulses to eat.

Hypnosis. Don’t stone me. I am not kidding. Hypnosis done by a skilled person can help one lose weight; however, this is still about working on your habits and your subconscious mind. It works in conjunction with other weight loss treatments. This isn’t rocket science. This is still working on your mind—wherever focus goes, energy flows. This can change your subconscious mind to focus more on what changes you can make versus roadblocks to your goals that you didn’t eve know was there.

Fat camps. Ok, I know they are not called that, but really, thats what they are. You spend a specific period of time at a “Wellness Retreat” and they immerse you in classes that help you to define why you are fat, what to do about it and hopefully give you tools that will be lasting for continued weight loss. Most of their focus is on three different things—behavioral change, nutritional guidance and incorporating exercise into your life. This can be pretty pricey, but I have to say, going to something like this would have been life changing for me—even now. I love this kind of “vacation” to learn about how to change and evolve to be a better you—it would be better than going to Cozumel for me….I might be a weirdo, but this one is my favorite; but its also the most expensive. Be prepared to shell out thousands of bucks for this…

Acupuncture or acupressure. Acupuncture is basically small fine needles placed in spots that are “energy pathways” and help stimulate the release of various feel good hormones that play a role in calming us, or making us feel good, which can offset the hormones that are brought about by stress. Acupressure is the same thing, but using pressure instead of needles in the spots that are energy pathways. It is important to go to someone skilled in this, as you don’t want people sticking needles where they don’t belong….Just saying. I would love to try this, as many of my friends have and absolutely love it; oh, and they have lost weight with it, too.


These are just a few ways to lose weight. Notice I didn’t give you a diet or an exercise program. Duh. Everyone on Gods green earth knows you have to eat less calories and move more.

I was fat, not dumb. Now, do I think that it’s important to have those as the base of your weight loss? Abso-freaking-lutely. Eating right is 80% of weight loss.

However, a diet doesn’t cut it. A way of eating that you can do over the long haul will. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and I had to really focus on that when I got serious.

There is no perfect way to do this. Perfection is lame. Yes, you can follow a weight loss plan, and you can use the above to help with habit change.

But no matter how you lose weight, the pillars of any program should incorporate habit-change, support, and what is going into your mouth. No matter what way you go, these are going to be the main things that will help to make you successful.

All of these components are important. I have learned the hard way what helps me stick to my healthy ways and what doesn’t, and I am so not perfect at it. Some days are harder than others. My mantra? Perfect doesn’t exist, but progress does.